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17 April 2012 @ 01:28 am
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Posting in journal 'cause to fill it in comments would have been ridiculous.

Title: The Things We Don't Say Fandom: MLP:FIM
Rating: PG-13 Length: 3500 words
Characters/Ship: All the ponies,Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy(one-sided?), Rainbow Dash/Pinkie Pie (one-sided?), others if you squint.
Summary: MLP:FIM High School AU. Human Ponies. Touches of teaching, and bickering.
Warning:: Un-Edited

“Come on, Flutter. It’s not that bad. You’ve already got the whole balance thing down. That’s the hardest part!” She tried to coax the girl who was rigid on the skateboard.

“B--Being on something like this is…is a lot different than on skates.” She clutched on to Dash’s hand tightly.

“Yeah, but that’s on ICE. This is solid ground! Come on, have I lied to you before?” She ducked down to look up at the girl through rainbow-streaked bangs. The girl shook her head slowly, not particularly being one for words.

“Darling, you’re a master at centering yourself!” Rarity sat on an overhang at the skate part, sketchbook in hand as she shifted her stretching pose.

“That’s right! And I’ve seen you catch people form fallin’ all over at the last split of a second!” AJ nodded. She had been leaning against the wall just to Rarity’s left. Her own board was stuck under her arm.

They weren’t the most obvious clique of the school. Rarity, Pinkie, and AJ were at the school on scholarship. She didn’t want to admit her parents’ background--it was a weight. So Dash let the others believe it was her athletic ability that got her in. Flutter was an exchange student.

Flutter’s father was a naval officer who fell in love with a local teacher when he was stationed in Japan. She had been born and raised there, electing to stay with her mother when her father was reassigned. But when she hit her high school years, she decided to attend the same school he had when he was growing up. Her mother had been disapproving, believing the schools to be lacking. But Flutter had insisted it would look more impressive on her university applications. So she had agreed.

“Then just go slow. I’ll stay with you.” She offered. Flutter nodded as Dash started pulling her forward. The smaller girl squeaked, which only made Dash chuckle. Once she got used to the pace, she let her go. Soon, the timid sophomore was smiling, going slowly on her own.

“I did it! I “

“THERE YOU ARE!” A boisterous voice made Flutter squeak and tumble from the skateboard.

“Pinkie!” Dash yelped.

“OH MY GOSH! I’m super DUPER sorry! Are you okay! I hope you’re okay. Is she okay?” The rather ambitious girl looked at Dash with a little bit of panic.

“I--I’m fine.” Flutter whispered.

“GREAT! Just coming to make sure you’re all coming to the Midnight Madness ball! Twi’s all AHHHH! And WE’RE NOT READY! But we TOTALLY are and you HAVE to come!” Pinkie flailed.

The missing body of the makeshift group was the over ambitious student activities president. Pinkie was in charge of the decoration committee-- a great help and source of frustration for Twilight. She had a special flail that made her irresistible. She was VERY good at what she did/

“And don’t forget! We’re totally getting ready at my place! Rary already has her stuff and--no there isn’t confetti on it this time. But you might have to look over AJ’s thingy again. There might have been a jelly incident.”

The shriek from Rarity was ear splitting. AJ reached up to pat her on the knee. “It’s probably better off that way. She’s probably tried to get me all frilled up.”

“I would not! It might not be QUITE your style, but you can’t go to a formal in ripped jeans and a flannel! I tried my best, you know.” Rarity pouted. AJ rolled her eyes endearingly and smile.

“Just as long as it’s not like the last thing.”

“Darling, if I had let you attend the meeting in that…frock… you would have been laughed right out of the association!”

“OH I was laughed at alright.” AJ huffed. “Bloom yapped on about it every chance she was getting’ fer a week.”
Dash rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you two just get hitched? You’ve got the domestics all down already and everything.”

“A WEDDING? Oh I LOVE Weddings! Dash!” Pinking clung to her arm. “You could TOTALLY rock the reception! I’ve got the PERFECT place in mind. IT would look SUPER romantic with little lights and --OH! Rary! Are you going to make your dress? YOU SHOULD MAKE IT WITH POKKA DOTS!”

“ You can’t have dots on a wedding dress!” Rarity gaped.

“That’s what you find wrong with that?” AJ raised her eyebrows at her friend in disbelief.

“Well you can’t! The bridesmaids, perhaps. But…” She turned back to her sketchbook . AJ shook her head.

“I ain’t getting’ hitched anytime soon. No way.” AJ snapped, bolting from her leaning position. “You want a wedding, you go get on yourselves.”

“But we can’t get MARRIED, silly!” Pinkie rolled her eyes. “Dash hasn’t proposed! And besides that, she’s gotta become a college track super star first!”

“COLLEGE star? Nuh-uh. Pro. Maybe soccer. Better money.” Rainbow said with concern. She had another year before she’d really have to start thinking about college. Well, she would just take a shot at going pro. But she doubted Twi would let any of them not fill out a dozen or more college applications.

As it stood, Rarity already had her eye on several design schools. She had been headed towards a pro ice dance title. But her partner, stupid Blueblood, had turned into a royal pain in the ass when he turned into a teenager and ditched the duo for another dance partner. Rarity had never clicked with anyone else and switched to dance and her art skills.

AJ was certain to head to a local college that had a strong agriculture and environmental sciences major. She had a large family that she was responsible for. Her, her younger sister, and cousin, had all been raised by their grandmother. Going out of state would make her feel like she was abandoning them.

Twilight had any number of top end schools begging for her. Shockingly enough, they were after Pinkie as well. That’s how she had earned her scholarship to their school. You would never guess looking at her, but she was a prodigy when it came to statistics. Then there was Flutter.

Dash wasn’t sure what Flutter’s plans were, if she would go back to Japan or stay stateside. She had been introduced to them by Rarity. The two had met at the ice rink. And while she did their school’s squad well--Dash was pretty sure she wasn’t going to pursue it. Which was a shame. Dash admired athletic talent. Flutter was good. Really good. And their sports didn’t collide--like hers and AJ’s did-- so there was no resentment.

“But you’ll be there--right? RIGHT!” There were a few acknowledgements which Pinkie didn’t really hear the answer as she saw a supply store owner walking across the road.

“Oh goodness! I must be off! Madame will be furious with me if I’m late.” She quickly jumped up and down with AJ’s help. They had chosen this particular skate park because of its proximity to Rarity’s dance school.

“Yeah, I gotta get to work soon. Y’all okay here?” AJ said as she looked at her watch.

“I got this.” Dash gave AJ a high five on the way by.

“M...maybe I should go to.” Flutter whispered.

“No way! We gotta get you back on this! You were doing great!”

“Really?” She whispered.

“YEAH! Now come on!” Dash pulled the smaller girl to her feet.

It took work to get Flutter to come out of her shell. Dash had been told it took quite a miracle to get her to be this patient. Normally she didn’t get it. She didn’t understand people who just won’t DO things. But those were other people. This was Flutter. Somehow it made a difference. Except--not always. Rarity and Twilight had told her on several occasions to be a little less harsh with their quietest friend.

When the light started fading, Dash called it. She almost didn’t notice. She was too wrapped up in challenging the beginner who took to the activity naturally. Really. She shouldn’t have been scared in the first place. But she knew Flutter was on a tight curfew. Even now she was pulling out her cell to let her host family know she was headed home with Dash in tow.

“So you’re coming tomorrow, right?” Dash asked as opened the convenience store door for her companion who had her hands filled with hot chocolate. “To Pinkie’s thing?”

“Umm…I...can’t.” Flutter ducked under her long bangs shyly.

“WHAT? Flutter! I thought you said the temp-rents were okay with it!” Dash nearly spit out the liquid she stole. “They’re like, tight, with Twi’s mom.”

“It’s…it’s not that. They are.” She quickly apologized. “I…I have a competition tomorrow. It runs over into the dance, and umm…”

“Flutter! We totally need to come! You only have, like, two left right? We need to be there!” Dash wasn’t really one for the whole ice skating thing. But it brought out a different side of their friend. Which was weird. She hated being on stage. There was something about the sport, though, that let her lose herself and forget the crowds.

“It doesn’t matter. You should go! Twilight and Pinkie have worked really hard at this! IT will be a lot of fun! And I’m sure Pinkie won’t miss me. She has all of you.” She said quickly, her thumbs running circles on the sides of her cup.

“But your dress will be there! Rarity will FLIP if she can’t poke and prod you before the dance thing.” Dash sighed. She really hated when Rary got into those moods.

“I…umm…I’m not sure I’m going.” Dash barely heard her, stopping in her tracks.

“You are not leaving me alone in there. If they’re making me go, you’ve got to go.” At least she had gotten Rarity to give up of the idea of her in a dress. AJ took the heat of it. Dash owed her one.

“You’ll have fun without me.” Flutter smiled. “The whole team will be there--even the varsity. I hear they got an amazing DJ. That guy from the radio station you like. And--besides. I’m sure you’ll be too busy to even notice I’m gone.”

“Busy? With what! It’s not like he can talk while he’s on duty. And Varsity can stick it. Now the U of P team--that would be epic.” Dash pointed out, taking another drink.

“Wi...with Pinkie?” Flutter stumbled as she took a long sip and started walking again.

“Pinkie?” Dash asked, striding after her. “She’s going to be hopping all over the place. Why would she keep me busy?”

“I’m sure she’ll take time out fo...well, for her date.” Flutter was looking off somewhere in the distance.

“Date? Woah wait wait.” Dash reached out her arm to stop her. “Pinkie’s not my date. We’re all going together. Remember?”

“But…she’s your girlfriend, right?” Flutter looked at the ground. “You should spend some special time with her.”

Dash blinked slowly. Girlfriend? Okay, sure, it was no secret that she was all about the ladies. And Pinkie, well, Dash wasn’t sure how Pinkie classified herself in anything. And yeah there had been that one kiss-- not that they talked about that-- but girlfriend? “Flutter. We’re not together.”

“But…she likes you.” Flutter still refused to look at her. “She might not say it… but I see it. She likes you. You’d be cute together.” At the last part she looked up with the most fake smile Dash had ever seen.

Dash didn’t like this. Not at all. She reached up, frown firmly in place, as she pushed Flutter’s unnaturally pale pink hair out of her face. She had convinced her into the shade ages ago. She wished she hadn’t. It only made how often she hid within it more obvious.

“Maybe she does. That doesn’t mean we’re together. Or that I’d ditch you if that were true.” Dash stepped a little closer. She let her hand travel down to grab the other girl’s hand, tugging her gently towards the other girl’s house.

They walked in silence for the most part. Flutter didn’t let go. Dash nudged the shorter girl with her shoulder playfully. Flutter smiled--a little.

“Do you like her?” Flutter finally broke the silence. Dash shrugged. She hadn’t really thought about it. Romance wasn’t exactly her thing.

“Dunno. I mean, it’s kind of weird to think of, you know? We’re kind of a unit. And besides, if she does like me, why doesn’t she just come say it to me? IT’s kind of stupid to like someone and not tell them. I mean, you’re just, like, miserable wondering with all that stuff. I mean why wait?” She rambled on, eyes up to the street lights.

“Maybe she’s afraid of making things awkward? High school doesn’t last forever. Friendships can drift. Sometimes it’s better to hold onto precious things while you can.”

“Maybe.” Dash didn’t really get it when Flutter said things like that. But they usually had some merit.

“You should come tomorrow, you know.” Dash tilter he head towards Flutter. “I’d like you to. We all would. We‘re a team.” Flutter just nodded.

They stopped in front of Flutter’s house. “Promise me you’ll come?” Dash prodded her at the door. “ Even if you’re late. Even if it’s for one dance.”

Flutter chewed on her lip. Finally she nodded. “I promise.”

“Great! Let Rary know you won’t be there for a fitting. But she’ll probably hunt you down tonight.” Flutter smiled in accordance. “But yeah, I’ll get out of your hair and stuff. See you tomorrow?”

“Goodnight, Dash.” Flutter agreed, squeezing her hand as she reached up on tiptoes to kiss her wild-haired friend on the cheek.

When the other girl disappeared into her door, Dash pulled out her cell phone. “Hey, Pinkie. Yeah. It’s me. We’ve got a change in plans… oh geeze. Tell Twi that’s not the end of the world!”

Flutter skated to center ice as the announcer called her name. The lights of the rink were dimmed down, coming up slowly only with the music. She focused on her heart beat, her muscles, and the tune that drifted over the speakers. It wasn’t hard to slip into something she had practiced so much. Nor was it difficult to execute. It was her and the music. It was her art.

And she was nearly flawless.

As she took her bows she heard a set of very distinct, very shrill cheers. She blinked to see four very familiar faces in the crowd. Twilight was waving enthusiastically. Pinkie was flailing wildly, with AJ trying desperately to hold her down from flying over her seat. Rarity had a handkerchief to her eye. And Dash was beaming, giving her a huge thumbs up.

The sight felt even better than winning the first position.

“You didn’t have to come.” Flutter insisted as the others piled into her dressing room.

“Are you kidding? You’ve gone to every single shindig we’ve been a part of! You better bet we’d be here!” AJ crossed her arms defiantly smirking.

“And there when things aren’t always so remarkable.” Rarity sighed, thinking of a workspace debacle.

“Like when I nearly failed biology.” Twilight said, clearly still plagued with nightmares of the day.

“Or when I sprained my ankle…and lost.” Dash cringed. Flutter had been to her house every day, kept up with her doctor appointments, and entertained her. She would have gone crazy missing the last few track matches if not for her.

“This was your moment! We wanted to see it! YOU WERE SUPER FANTASTIC!” Pinkie agreed whole heartily. Flutter hid bashfully under her hair once more.

“Okay ladies, I hate to be a pest but we’re late for another event.” Rarity looked at the clock, heading straight to the dressing rack they had brought in.

“PARRRRRTY TIIIIMMME!” Pinkie squealed.

“Okay, Twi, I’ll give it to you. You and Pinkie did pretty good job with this. It’s not totally lame.” Dash said as she grabbed a cup of punch.

“I’m just glad people seem to enjoy it!” Twilight looked exhausted.

And they were. Lyra was winning the crowd over with a song with Note accompanying her. Sea Swirl and Thunderlane were putting everyone else on the dance floor to shame. Rarity was getting a month’s worth of attention for her gown and design orders for prom. Pinkie was working the crowd, trying her best to get Flutter to help her. Dash smiled at her. She looked stunning, really.

“I think Flutter’s really happy tonight. It’s good. She should have all the great memories she can get!” Twilight sighed absently.

“Huh?” Dash shook out of it.

“You didn’t hear?” Twilight blinked, leaning over the table. “She didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Oh...dear...um…” Twilight shifted awkwardly. “Flutter’s mom wants her to go back next year. She needs her permission to continue studying abroad.”

Dash froze. Her head whipped back to the girl she had walked back last night. Why did she lie? Why would she hold this from her? Twilight must have recognized the expression. She grabbed her arm, begging her not to do anything rash.

“We gotta make this count then, right?” Dash pressed her lips together, squeezing her fingers into fists before relaxing them. She shook free of Twilight’s touch to make her way across the dance floor.
“Flutter…”She raised her voice a little, causing the girl to loose focus and squeak a little. Her stern expression turned into a smirk. “You look great tonight.”

Flutter shrunk in on herself a little as she mumbled thanks. It was true. Rarity had done a great job blending the color of the upper part of her dress with Flutter’s hair color. It progressed into darker shades near the hem. Lyra announced her closer before she’d hand the musical talent back to the DJ. Dash held out her hand.

“Can I have this dance?” She asked as the slower melody started. Flutter shiftily looked over to Rarity who smiled at her.

Dash led the other to the far edge of the dance floor. The other wouldn’t like the attention of being so close to the center. She seemed jittery enough as it was. Dash couldn’t remember what she rambled about as she pulled the other close. But when Flutter settled into her arms, she knew what she had to say. It hadn’t come to her until then.

“Last night…when you were talking about keeping memories in case stuff happened…that’s not what Pinkie’s worried about, is it?” She couldn’t bring herself to talk too loud. Flutter stopped looking at her. “I get why you’d think that but… sometimes, better memories can be made if you’re honest.” She offered.

Flutter looked up at her friend hopefully. Dash flashed her a familiar toothy smile. “So lets see where a dance can take us, yeah? Nothin’ crazy. Just a dance.”

“Mmm.” Flutter smiled and leaned back into the other, placing her head against the other’s shoulder cautiously. Dash held firmly.

“Don’t want you to leave.” She whispered, awkwardly, into the other’s ear. “You’re important to us. To me. You keep us sane.”

“I don’t want to go either.”

Dash didn’t notice when the music stopped. She wasn’t sure if they had before or after. But she moved into a hug. She didn’t like these past two days. Not one bit. But right now, she knew one thing. She had to suck it up and make sure every moment counted. Pulling back she observed the shy girl in her arms. She fit so well there. It wasn’t so weird.

Maybe she was just being sentimental. Maybe there was something there. Dash didn’t know. So she decided to take a book from Twi’s page and experiment. Carefully, in the shadow of streamers and faded lights, she bent down to brush the other’s lips with her own, lightly and quickly. Barely more than a whisper. There were people around, after all. She had a reputation to uphold.

It seemed to be enough. Flutter beamed before she pushed herself away a little. “Thank you. That must have been hard for you. The dance…I mean. And things.”

“It wasn’t--”

“It was perfect.” Flutter beamed. Dash couldn’t help but notice the other girl’s eyes were slightly moist. “Thank you.” she muttered.

Dash nodded, pulling Flutter back into a hug before she ran away. “Any time.”

They stood there for a moment before Dash moved to take Flutter’s hand. “Come on. Lets go raid the cupcakes before Pinkie eats all of them on her own. There was a strawberry one with your name on it!” Flutter nodded with a smile, laughing as Dash weaved quickly into the crowds dragging her behind. It was a lovely sound.
Maybe things were about to get strange. Maybe she’d lose a dear friend, or something more. Maybe it was the start of a lot of good things. There were a lot of maybes. But Dash knew one thing for sure. Tonight was a success.
nessanielnessaniel on April 17th, 2012 10:55 am (UTC)

You captured the carefreeness and the beginnings of the "serious side of life" what with the college applications and stuff brilliantly. I would love to walk over to this group of mighty fine ladies and be their friend. Q_____Q

Dash/Flutter is my new OTP right now I think... and just everything was handled so well, they way Flutter adored her sport and was awkward and shy but strong and defiant when it really mattered and ohhh *3*

Thanks again for this brilliant fill, really. I absolutely must return the favour... ;D
Elven Ranger: fireworksnightswhisper on April 17th, 2012 02:42 pm (UTC)
@___@ Meep!

I'm so very VERY happy you like it! I was running a whole in the proverbial floor going on to a friend how I hope it would be okay.

It started out as one thing and then just grew into this...and it could have been longer. gomen.

But I'm really REALLY happy that Dash/Flutter was okie as you had Dash/Pinkie listed first. :)

No need to return! I'm sure there are plenty of other awesome authors who would love a response. (Not that I WOULDN'T like one--it's more of I do this to surprise people more than making a request.)