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29 May 2012 @ 12:34 pm
Avengers Urban Fantasy AU - Character Descriptions  
I got a little carried away when making a picspam for Genre-Swap challenge at avengers_land so, since I didn't want to clog the comment box, I present to you the meat and potatoes behind it.

Darcy- Human who becomes a ‘finder’ of lost fae things. Her father’s work is hidden from her. She ends up being thrown rather abruptly into the world when she

Loki- Son of Royal Seelie court—bastard. Biological parents are the Queen of the Seelie court and King of the Unseelie. Has a particular talent with dealing with humans and often works with Finders and accepts messenger’s information. Information master. Assigned to keep an eye on this strange person known as Darcy. Does not know of his parentage, only a sense of not belonging. Due to the cold nature of his “parents” relationship he failed to really think of his parents or brother as his blood- though he is very close to Thor who always treated him with respect. Finds taking care of the “child” that is Darcy irritating even if she seems fairly endearing. Unaware of Thor’s jealousy.

Thor- Son of Royal Seelie court- bastard. Son of the King of the Seelie court and a minor Fae of his court. A knight and protector of the court, often clashing with the Unseelie minions. Aware of the tension within his family—though they hardly feel like family—and learns the cause of it at an early age. He withholds this knowledge from his ‘brother’. Intrigued and jealous of Darcy. Does not know of his relation to Tasha.

Laufey- King of the Unseelie court. Knows of Loki but holds his tongue as part of a treaty with the Seelie court. Desperately looking for a way to break this contract in order to cause chaos in his counterpart’s court. Does not have a legal blood heir.

Frigga- Queen of the Seelie court. Knows of Thor’s parentage and wishes Loki on the throne, but accepts her son’s fate as her own punishment for her infidelity—though she does not regret it. Instead she lets him roam.

Odin- King of the Seelie court- knows of Loki’s parentage, loves him all the same, but does not trust the court’s future to him afraid of his second nature. Has heard of Tasha, does not feel the need to keep an eye on her. She’s not his—Lorraine betrayed him.

Private Lorraine (officer lady who makes out with Steve) – Mother to Thor and Natasha—left the court after a confrontation with Queen Frigga. Fell in love with a mortal, hid with a “messenger” to the Fae. Very active in Fae world as a double agent.

Natasha- Daughter of Lorraine and a human. She stumbled upon her heritage when attacked in her youth by a distraught Bogle when she replied that she was only a human (which she thought she was at the time)—which registered to the triggering ‘liar’ sense of the creature. When she was old enough she began working as a messenger with her father in the real world and Fae. Wants nothing more than to be a part of the Fae courts—but wishes should be made carefully.

Clint- Half Fyglia on Father’s side. Mother was an army nurse that captured her guardian spirit’s heart who assumed a human form to be with her. Raised in the Fae world after he was hidden away by his father. Assassin and spy for the court with the highest price—just wants out.

Tony – The son of Howard (a scientist) and an Asparas. As he does not belong to the Fae world, not the human, he sees no need to adhere to either’s rules. He is forever causing chaos for the courts, breaching Human-Fae confidentiality and almost engaging a couple wars with his experiments in which he mixes Seelie and Unseelie techniques—initially for the highest bidder, then eventually to attempt to create a “balance” between the two.

Pepper- An Asparas in hiding—even to Tony. She is perhaps the one secret he hasn’t unlocked—yet. Set with the impossible task of keeping Tony in check by Odin. Her cover story is that she is Halfling (daughter of a high court member) messenger and a human that had been ‘chosen’ by the Unseelie court thus qualified to clean up Tony’s messes with both worlds.

Bruce- Tony’s assistant, fascinated with the concept of the Fae, gets himself into trouble trying to adapt magic. “Uncle” to Darcy. Best friend with Phil’s wife for which he held an unrequited love. (They grew up together, though she was a bit older.) Found out about Phil’s job after Darcy’s mother’s ‘disappearance’. Became obsessed.

Steve- a Ly Erg, who sees the middle eastern conflicts as his opportunity to serve. Breaks into the human services. He enrolls with his friend Bucky, but ends up being discharged after the climate proves to be too intense for his natural self when he runs out of connections and supplies from ‘dealers’. (Humans who assist Fae living among humans). Learns of Bucky’s MIA, presumed status, after he returns state-side. Ends up being a protector for Darcy after all hell breaks out.

Bucky- Darcy’s best friend --gets tangled up in the fairy world after being shipped off to war. He had been slowly loosing his sanity and his heart to the violence around him. When Steve is sent back a sharp decline is made in his attitude causing the Unseelie court to ‘Choose’/target him and kidnap him for their own. Discovered and rescued within Unseelie territory by Darcy, Loki, Sif, and his old friend, when they’re sent there on Pepper’s request from Odin after Tony’s latest mistake.

Sif- childhood friend of Steve, also a Ly Erg, put into the service of Odin’s court where she’s tasked with keeping an eye on Loki’s activities. “Disguised” as a bodyguard to the royal sons. Rather attached to Thor, but recognizes his devotion to his cause and Loki as his primary focus. So she makes those her focus as well.

Rhodey- Lower level court Fae, tutor to Thor when he starts asking questions about the human world. Often gets visits from Pepper that make his life a living hell. He masquerades as a supplier for Tony’s projects as a way to keep additional tabs on him.

Coulson- Darcy’s father, a second-generation finder who became a ‘dealer’. The mess of which caused his wife to be kidnapped by a Fae-world creature that was never determined.

Fury- Director of the Finders, working partner of Coulson. Quarter Fae. Works directly with the Head of Courts.

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